How To Unjam Brother Printer (5 Major Issues)

Brother printer is an awesome printer, which is being used everywhere. It is a major source of unbelievable printing results. But in some cases, it causes paper jams. So imagine how uncomfortable is it if the paper gets stuck to the printer and doesn’t leave it.

But if you disconnect the paper from the machine, the problem will be solved soon. So here you will get complete guidance about how to unjam brother printer. If you and your friends are facing this issue, then both of you should read this article. However, if you know anything about fixing the jams of the brother printer then tell us in the comment section.

How to Deal with a Paper Jam?

The message on the LCD tells whether the paper is stuck in the front or back. While the printhead and the inside of the printer are always very hot. So before touching them, wait for a few minutes so that they become cool.

If your paper is stuck in the front then just follow these guidelines: First of all, open the printer and remove the paper tray from it. Then get a complete view of the printer (scanner cover) and note the jammed paper. Now removes the jammed paper. And if you do it, you can again put it into the socket.

How To Unjam Brother Printer

While if your paper is stuck in the back then open the brother printer. Again click on the button for opening its back cover. After it removes the jammed paper from the printer tray. Then make sure that you have performed all tasks and close the cover.

Now watch the leftover paper which is present inside the paper. Use the outlet and put the printer in it. But if the paper is jammed completely ( Front and Back), then remove it from both front and back. And make sure that the jammed paper is not present now. But the ink spots would not affect your clothes.

Why Does My Printer Keep Jamming?

In the normal routine, the printer works accurately and gives good results. While sometimes, if any disturbance appears in them, they show a variety of issues. This disturbance is only due to the very annoying paper jams. Many people have wasted their time and money for minimizing it.

But all this effort is useless. As no one knows about it in detail. But I will try my best in describing the different reasons and solutions for paper jams. So complete trust us and move below, where some reasons for this issue are mentioned:

The Tray Is Overloaded

The first reason for paper jam is the overloading of the tray. Because most of us without any consideration put many paper sheets in the tray which causes paper jams. Note that jamming always does not appear with suitable and correct paper sheets.

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So you have to always put the paper correctly in the tray so that they fit each other. Otherwise, the wrong and unsuitability of the paper will result in serious issues. And it will be stuck and damage the functions of the printer.

Use Of The Wrong Paper

The second reason for paper jam is the use of the wrong kind of paper. While cardboard and thinnest papers are not allowed. The office paper has good functioning with the printer model. While the folded paper is not suitable for the printer model.

But if you use it in the printer, your printer will start jamming. In addition to this, too many printing commands causes printer jams. If your printer doesn’t work with the first command then don’t repeat it again and again. Wait a few minutes and restart it. Hopefully, then your printer will work accurately.

There Is a Foreign Object in The Printer

If any foreign object is present in the printer then it will lose its functioning. Because these foreign particles are not compatible with the printer. And if you use them in the printer then your printer will be jam.

How To Unjam Brother Printer

So first of all, make sure that your printer is completely clean and doesn’t have any foreign particles. Sometimes printer starts jamming if its previous jams are not clear completely. And also there is a possibility of sticky notes and paper clips. So if you want to get rid of this issue then remove these wasteless items quickly.

The Paper Pick-Up Rollers Are Dusty

Sometimes, many dust particles are present in the printer. Due to this, the printer rollers do not perform well and can not pick up the paper. In this way, the printer working is stopped and it results in a jam.

If you want to avoid this problem then you have to clean the roller regularly. But before doing this, unplug your printer. And use a clean cloth and water for removing the debris from the rollers. After it, your printer will work smoothly and you will love it very much.

Hardware And Software Issues

The Brother printer also becomes jammed by hardware and software issues. In the appearance of the hardware issue contact the master for the quick repairing of the printer. Always remember that this hardware issue can not be solved by you.

While in the software issue, the LCDs the messages. If you want to solve this issue then restart the machine and pop up the message. Note that you can solve the software issue but you can not get the solution to the hardware issue by yourself.


Why is my Brother printer getting jammed?

The Brother printer becomes jammed by putting too much paper in the paper tray.

Can a paper jam ruin a printer?

Yes, a paper jam can ruin the working of your printer. But it can be easily removed from the printer.

How to unjam brother printer?

If you want to unjam the brother printer then just follow the above methods.

Final Conclusion

Today our topic is how to unjam brother printer. If you are sincere in learning then read everything present here. Generally, Brother printers work accurately. But tray overloading and wrong paper cause jamming in it.

In this way, unjamming becomes necessary. First, remove the paper tray from the printer. Just watch the scanner cover. Now remove the jammed paper. And it can be again added into the socket. Watch the leftover paper and close the cover. Thus now the Brother printer is unjammed completely. Hopefully, you understand!

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