How To Wash Sublimation Shirts (Fast And Safe Methods)

Dye sublimated shirts are considered one of the branded shirts. To purchase them is not very easy. Only a money man can buy such amazing shirts. So having a dye-sublimated shirt is worthy of importance. These shirts have unique designs, which make them superior to other clothes.

But there is a bit different in their washing. However, How to Wash Sublimation Shirts is a question that disturbs people. If you are finding a solution to the above question, then you are a lucky person. Because here all the essential instructions are given in detail.

The life of a shirt depends on the products from which it is created. It is common that if you take care of anybody, he will live a long life. Also, this rule applies to the survival of shirts. If you take care of any shirt, it will live longer than your expectations. But if you don’t take care of a shirt, it will be destroyed in a short time.

Before purchasing a shirt, you should read its sublimation shirt care instructions. A good quality shirt can be used for a long time. But the shirts having bad quality can not survive longer. Here below, the basic steps of washing the sublimation shirts are given.

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How To Wash A Sublimated Shirt

Sublimation shirts possess great importance. Anyone can use a washing machine to wash the sublimation shirts. But to read the sublimation washing instructions is an important step.

While washing sublimation shirts, you should use cold water in the washing machine. Non-phosphoric detergents are also good in the washing of sublimation shirts. After washing, you should use a dryer to dry them. Tumble dry settings are also very important in the quick drying of clothes.

Tips To Prevent Sublimation From Fading

If anyone wants to increase the life span of sublimation shirts, he should first know how to care for sublimation shirts. During the cleaning procedure, non-phosphoric detergents reduce agitation. Some people prefer detergents for laundry instead of other chemicals.

Don’t use the detergents on clothes made of polyesters. Note that some detergents also do not remove the stains of dyed clothes. So this work is only performed with high-quality detergents, which are very rare.

simple tips to wash sublimated shirts

Some Sublimation Wash Instructions

Cold water is always used in the washing of sublimated shirts. People avoid heat which is not favorable for dry cleaning. The role of hot water is very bad on the sublimated shirts as it causes fading of colors. Phosphoric detergents result in the weakening of fabrics.

That’s why most people use non-phosphoric detergents. While by using them, you can learn how to keep sublimation from fading after washing. Moreover, chlorine bleach also causes the fading of colors. And in below, I have mentioned a few methods which affect sublimated shirts.


We know there is no better way to how soon you can wash a sublimated shirt than washing. That’s why we use this method in our homes and laundry. Besides this, if anyone wants to make his sublimation prints brighter, he must strictly follow the washing instructions.

After the washing, the clothes look neat and clean as the ink spots fade quickly. This happens due to mixing ink and water, which removes the dirty spots. If you wash your favorite shirt in hot water daily, it will become fade in a short time. So avoid the hot water and use the cold water in its place.

Ultraviolet Damage

Ultraviolet radiations are very powerful and cause fading of the ink on the shirt. If anyone is drying his shirts on the clothes, then he will lose the printing design. In opposite to this, the drying of clothes in the shade is a favorable procedure.

And we can reduce the fading of prints in this way. If you fully act upon the sublimation t shirt care instructions, you can protect your shirts from environmental hazards. So use this method as it reduces print fading and spreads to other clothes.

Chlorine Bleach

Although chlorine bleach poses issues in clothing, we still use it in our homes. It causes the bleaching of chemical fibers and discoloration. The bad thing about chlorine discoloration is that it irritates the skin. And the user of this bleaching then avoids this method.

According to me, chlorine bleaching is very toxic. When you use it daily, it will cause allergies. The main effect of chlorine bleaching is that it results in suffocation and cancer in people. So before using this hard bleach, you must know how long you wait to wash a sublimated shirt.

Screen Print Dryer

If you use a screen print dryer, you know that this causes the fading of colors on the t-shirt. But if you use it the right way, it does not result in the fading of colors. A dryer is a hard type of machine which utilizes heat and pressure for the melting of fabric. And this melting results in removing the ink spots from the shirt. To switch on the screen print dryer is a simple method. And it works if you apply a layer of ink on the fabric’s surface.


How to Wash Sublimation Shirts is a basic procedure for washing clothes in the laundry. The washing machine plays a key role in the removal of dirty stains. And in return, we get neat and beautiful clothes.

If you want to remove the stains from A to Z, use the cold water in the washing machine. The dye sublimation ink doesn’t remove with the flow of water. So this is ink that is secure and waterproof. You can also use polyester and its substrates for removing dirt. So stay linked with us and enjoy several articles on the sublimation process.


Q: Why did my sublimation wash out?

The reason for washing sublimation is the use of low-quality ink or paper. If you want to protect your sublimation, then use high-quality paper or ink.

Q: Will sublimation wash out of cotton?

Yes, the sublimation on cotton always washes out. But if you want to protect the sublimation, then use pure polyester.

Q: How to wash sublimation shirts?

If you want to wash the sublimation shirts, read this article where all the basic steps for removing stains are described.

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