Infusible Ink Vs Sublimation Ink (A Detailed Comparison)

The Cricut infusible ink obsoletes the supply of sublimation transfers. That’s why sublimation transfers join a specific point to avoid their motions. They also have a recently printed form: Cricut infusible ink. But Cricut particles are ignoring this talk because they want to express themselves as unique items.

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Both these techniques have different accessories, which are declared here. Before involving in them, you should take guidance about infusible ink vs Sublimation, their facts, costs, application, differences, benefits, drawbacks, etc. right now:

Similarities Between Infusible Ink And Sublimation

Complete Results

In both techniques, ink is heated to achieve the gas nature. After it, this gaseous ink becomes close to the polymer through the substrate. Then, it regains its solid nature for joining the fibers—this movement of ink results in a permanent image free of cheeping, peeling, and defects. The critical point you must remember is that both these techniques form bright and vivid images. So the Cricut infusible ink and the Sublimation offer the same finished designs.

Blank Materials

The blank material should contain 50% of polyester as it is needy for infusible ink and Sublimation. Note that polyester has various polymers for the formation of bright images. At the same time, these polymers are not favorable for light color blanks.

The nature of the ink is translucent, which causes the brightness of the final designs and depends on the image background. That’s why the methods of white colors are colorful and carry on their movements every time.

Transfer Sheets

Despite the above, infusible ink and Sublimation contain sheets highlighting the faded transfers. After the transfer of a design, both of them become the creator of brilliant innovations.

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While these designs also give a heart-touching odor. During the design transfer on the infusible ink sheets, you have to reverse the sublimation transfers for the base material. At the same time, the heat press is from 385°F – 400°F, which is taken in the process for only 1 minute.

Dissimilarities Of Infusible Ink Vs Sublimation


The main accessory for sublimation ink vs infusible ink is the heat press. While cutting and weeding are also significant needs for the Cricut infusible ink, which is done by the cutting machine. The sublimation transfer never starts without the sublimation printer. So the leading cause of image formation on the sublimation transfer sheet is only the sublimation printer.


The formation of Cricut infusible ink is because of the ink which is embedded on the liner surface. Your design is created by the cutting and weeding of the transparent portion present here.
In comparison, the sublimation paper also obeys the weeding principle. After pressing the design, the printed places join the blank substrate.

Colors And Patterns

Cricut infusible ink sheets have fixed colors and patterns. Every user has to cut the design from these colors and patterns. If you want to make a design of your choice, then cut the design along with the sheet.

After it, you have to weed that design. Then, place it on the blank material with the heat press. Besides it, sublimation ink also comes in various colors. The mixing of base colors allows you to use a sublimation printer. So create pictures of full sizes and colors.

Cricut Infusible Ink


  • The designs offered by the Cricut Infusible ink are durable as the transfers appear on the fibers.
  • Ink enters thoroughly into the fibers, but we never observe the change in the fabric.
  • The process starts with a low budget with the cutting machine and a heat press.
  • You can add various colors and patterns to a design to change its look.
  • Vibrant colors are shown in the final design.


  • Cricut infusible ink is only favorable for white and light substrates.
  • Cricut Infusible ink does not allow you to perform functions other than cutting and weeding.
  • Their color and patterns are limited. You must use different colors and patterns if you dislike a color or a design. But this is fixed, and sometimes you have to use the wrong colors because of the limitations.

Sublimation Printing


  • Sublimation printing contains various inks which come at low prices.
  • It offers permanent designs which don’t result in fading.
  • The sublimation ink quickly joins the polymer matrix.
  • Sublimation ink is favorable for the garment’s fabric.
  • Sublimation printing is an easy method that doesn’t affect your mind’s thinking.
  • The drying speed of the sublimation inks is breakneck, and we can get our result in seconds.


  • The main problem in sublimation printing is that it does not provide discounts to users when purchasing essential equipment. Note that you can get the best sublimation printer and heat press only for $500 and $250, respectively.
  • Sublimation does not include white ink, which limits you from the desirable printing.


Q: What temperature do you use for infusible ink?

The temperature range for the infusible ink is 385 or 400 degrees.

Q: Can you layer infusible ink?

Yes, infusible ink can be layered.

Q: Are sublimation ink and infusible ink the same thing?

No, sublimation ink and infusible ink are not similar because infusible ink is a genre of Sublimation.

Q: What should I prefer between infusible ink vs Sublimation?

Cricut infusible ink is visible in a clear liner. At the same time, the Sublimation transfers the printed places in front of the substrate.


This blog assures essential information about infusible ink vs Sublimation. Thus read carefully to gain something new. Otherwise, you will have to bear threats in the process. The sublimation and infusible ink have distinct natures, colors, accessories, products, advantages, and losses.

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The pros and cons present here will help you to make a fundamental decision. If you don’t know the best between them, only try the Sublimation as it is simple. While its accessories are also cheap, even a poor guy can adopt them. But the infusible ink is a bit expensive with a complex system.

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