What Is A Spooler On A Printer (Problems With Solutions)

In most cases, the printer doesn’t form a printout after pressing the print button. After it, we overview the printer to ensure whether the printing has been done or not. Then we see the spooling with our printed jobs.

Thus now I will introduce you to what is a spooler on a printer with full passion. The software used for the management of electronic printer jobs is known as a printer spooler. It gives guidance to the printer for making a fine printing job. Besides that, it includes many types of document safety.

Printer spoolers are used in baseball production for fun. They use the documents for the comfortable running of the home base. Here, one document is grasped for the printing of further documents. During the base, only one player is needy, not the two.

Also, the printer prints one document at a specific time interval. But the spoolers send other documents to the printers during the first document printing. So first, the printer prints the already present document, and then it prints the further documents.

Working Of Printer Spooler

The printer spooler works according to the hard drive’s printing jobs. It puts such jobs in a different place and works one by one with them. Due to this, the original application relaxes as all of its burdens have been removed. While the printing process continues till the end of the last document.

Printer spoolers are advantageous in MS Word printings because of their normal rate. Thus printer spooler and MS Word are compatible and the process will not start in their absence. They do not highlight interruption in one printing job but show issues in larger projects.


Understand what is a spooler on a printer by the given applications:

  • Print spoolers pull out the printing burden in seconds
  • They show working in photo editors, word processors, etc
  • They also have applications in commercial computer systems
  • Large printing jobs on a hard drive are also due to the printer spoolers
  • They highlight the same network connection during the individual printing jobs
  • Moreover, they remove the stress of individual computers and complete their printings quickly


  • Print spoolers support the designs for all ranges of printings
  • New versions of print spoolers are coming into the market speedily
  • They give notification in the case of successful printing or issues
  • Besides that, they also have free versions which come in no pay

Problems Of Printer Spooler

When we start the print button, the printer spooler may highlight a few problems. If one document is incorrect then the problems will appear with all other documents. As a result, the printing jobs will be wasteless

  • The printing jobs will be stuck in the printer and will not move anywhere
  • While the information will not be transferred due to the crashing of the spooler
  • Spooler lacks its translation feature and the data will not be able to the reading
  • Thus your printer can not be used more and you have to adapt a new printer from the market

Solutions To Spooler Errors

Spooler Issue

  • Make sure to restart the printer and again send the request to it
  • It is also essential that you save the document in the printer
  • This trick is for smaller issues, not for the huge problems of spoolers
  • If no change is appearing in the spooler, restart it

Stop The Spooler

  • First of all, shut down Word or any other printing program
  • Apply the start and services buttons in a specific order
  • Move down to the printer spooler’s list for ensuring the stop button
  • Now open the Local Disk C and windows folder. But for Local Disk C, you have to click two times
  • Then a folder named: ‘System32’ will be opened
  • Thus remove the useless jobs from here
  • Restart the printer and choose the document for printing

Clear The Printer Row

Clearing unwanted prints from the printer row ensures the smooth functioning of the spooler whose methods are as follows:

  • Open the control panel of those people who have sent something to you. Yes! I am talking about the computer’s control panel
  • Enter into the “Printers and Devices” option
  • Choose the “See What’s Printing” tab through the printer icon
  • Clear the items which have occupied more space in the printer

Update The Printer Driver

Using the old printer driver is also a reason for the spooler failure. Thus the solution to this issue is to update the printer driver or purchase a new printer:

  • Let us bring a new printer driver from the manufacturers
  • The printer driver should be 100% updated
  • Then raise your hand to install the driver on the PC
  • Thus the printer spooler issues will decrease.


What is a spooler on a printer?

Printer Spooler is software that manages the printing jobs in the print server.

What is the function of a Print Spooler?

The function of a Print Spooler is to manage the printing process.

Why is it called Print Spooler?

“To Spool” means “Simultaneous Peripheral Operations Online” that’s why it is called Print Spooler.

How do you stop a printer spooler?

The spooler is disabled from the given points. First of all, open its properties on the windows and select the “Disable” option. Then use the “OK” button for saving the changes.

What happens if I disable the print spooler?

If you disable the print spooler, you can not print further.

Final Verdicts

Learning what is a spooler on a printer is terminology for printer notifications. Generally, people prefer the printer spooler to manage the printing jobs on the computers because spoolers adjust the original application by removing its useless data.

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Many commercial computer systems work with them as they are favorable to the MS Word program. Their network remains constant during the printing of all designs. They also decide on the printer’s working. That means the printer will not work in the spooler’s absence. While their common issues and solutions have been obtained.

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