What Is Anti UV Sublimation Ink? (Its Types And Uses)

Sublimation ink on the best substrate last for a long duration. But if the sunlight falls on it, the lasting becomes weak. Then we should use a specific type of ink which do not affect by ultraviolet radiation. Thus now our focusing point is what is anti UV sublimation ink. So it is a better quality ink than the sublimation ink and contains the latest technology. That is the reason its colors are vivid, and its prints are durable. Besides that, dangerous sun radiation can not affect their quality. Thus to tell you more, the top 6 Anti UV Sublimation inks are below:

6 Major Anti UV Sublimation Ink:

  • Printers Jack Sublimation Ink: Upgraded.
  • AOPANE Anti UV Sublimation Ink: Stable Printing and Quick Drying.
  • DelTeck Anti UV Sublimation Ink: Suitability With The Inkjet Printers.
  • Hiipoo Anti UV Sublimation Ink: Shows Refilling Without The Syringes.
  • Printers Jack Anti UV Sublimation Ink: Especially for EcoTank Printers.
  • Ecodot Autofill Anti UV Sublimation Ink: Created For Inkjet And EcoTank Printers.
different types of anti uv sublimation ink

Printers Jack Sublimation Ink

Printers Jack Sublimation Ink is the #1 Anti UV Ink due to its unique characteristics. Its price is low and causes long-lasting results on t-shirts. In comparison, the other Anti UV Sublimation inks are expensive. While the transfer time of Printers Jack Sublimation ink is short because of its fast speed. It is also used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Moreover, it contains fade resistance technology that assures free ICC printing. Its compatible substrates are pillows, medals, mouse mats, etc. It also assures smooth working with Canon, Epson, and other printers.

AOPANE Anti UV Sublimation Ink

The sublimation ink industry has not given importance to AOPANE, a top-rating Anti UV Sublimation Ink brand. Its price and results are unique from the other Anti Sublimation Inks. You can get safety gloves and ink bottles as a gift by purchasing this brand. Moreover, it spreads its cartridges just in 30-45 seconds. Your ET, WF, and Epson Stylus printers models will work amazingly through this ink. While the mugs, plates, clothes, and cups are its recommended substrates. AOPANE always gives vivid colors to obtain high-level printing.

DelTeck Anti UV Sublimation Ink

Do you want to increase the lasting range of your printer? Then DelTeck Anti UV Sublimation Ink is what you are exploring. The Anti UV Sublimation Ink Industry has given it big respect over the other brands. Thus, this ink brand achieves no burr, color precision, and high saturation results for you. This Anti UV Sublimation Ink has got a certificate from the MSDS. At the same time, the ink clogging of the inkjet and EcoTank printers can also be overcome. The DelTeck Anti UV Sublimation Ink also hates the printer syringes’ usage.

Hiipoo Anti UV Sublimation Ink

Like Ecodot and DelTeck Anti UV Sublimation Inks, Hiipoo ensures ink transfers without the syringes. Nowadays, newly designed bottles of Hiipoo are coming to disable the syringe’s techniques. The inkjet printer series is the main reason for Hiipoo productions. Besides that, this Anti- UV ink will work without adding an ICC profile. All the Anti UV Sublimation inks don’t work effectively on complex images. But this Anti-UV Sublimation ink works with both simple and complex designs. At the same time, the chances of printhead issues are minimum.

Printers Jack Anti UV Sublimation Ink

If you have not used your Epson EcoTank printer for a long time, give it a new life through the Printers Jack Anti UV Sublimation Ink. It gives attractive designs at an affordable price. Unlike other sublimation inks, it resists syringe usage. At the same time, its storage time is very high due to superb technology. Some inks can cause mistakes, but this ink ever works accurately and ensures durable designs. In addition, Printers Jack Anti UV Sublimation ink prefers the 3-layer filtration technology for smooth speed. While it also minimizes ink clogging.

Ecodot Autofill Anti UV Sublimation Ink

The ink into the EcoTank printer only adds with the syringes, which is a painful job. But if you prefer the Ecodot Autofill Anti UV Sublimation Ink, the syringes will not be more needed for the EcoTank. The substrate formed by this ink is always bright. Moreover, it has a huge range of compatibility with the Epson ET, WF, mugs, masks, pillows, etc. This Anti UV Sublimation Ink changes all of your faded prints into fade-free. Here, heat transfer printing is utilized, which ensures its ever superiority. So it is a trending brand that opposes the other sublimation brands.


Q: Does sublimation fade in sunlight?

Yes, sublimation fade in sunlight as dangerous ultraviolet radiation falls on it.

Q: Are all sublimation inks the same?

No, all the sublimation inks are not the same; their qualities and prices differ.

Q: Can sublimation ink get old?

Yes, sublimation inks become old with time, and the expensive sublimation inks highlight their expiry date.

Q: Is Anti UV Sublimation eco-friendly?

Yes, anti-UV sublimation ink has a friendly eco, and the printing issues have been disabled.

Q: What is Anti UV Sublimation Ink?

Anti UV Sublimation Ink is the upgraded form of sublimation ink whose prints last longer.

Final Verdicts

Ensure reading the anti-UV sublimation ink guide to differentiate the normal and anti-UV sublimation inks. Sunlight is the main enemy of the normal sublimation ink that removes its prints in seconds. Then sublimation ink usage means time and money wastage. In this case, the anti-UV sublimation ink expresses itself as our beloved friends. Their prints are durable that stick to the printed material for the long term. To give you the basic knowledge of anti-UV sublimation ink, a few types are in the above section.

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