What Is Sublimation Printing Cricut (Step By Step Guide)

Sublimation is the process of dying. In which we get desired logos or any other item impregnated into the fabric or cloth. You all have the idea of the sublimation process and no it is getting fame due to its exceptional prints that are very clear and long-lasting. Not only fabric or any piece of cloth, but sublimation can also be done on the mugs.

You can print out your favourite designs on your T-shirts. It is a special process that converts the solid particles into gaseous form and these are stuck on the fabric. It needs attention during the whole process and uses sublimation ink, a printer and a heating system.

Can I Sublimate On Cotton?

No, directly the sublimation cannot carry out at the cotton. But some methods can do so. Sublimation occurs only on polyester materials. The colours are not vibrant after using cotton and one may not get the actual results on cotton as he wants. Also, use glitters to highlight the prints. This is the main overview of the topic how do you do sublimation on Cricut?

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Do You Need Cricut To Do Sublimation?

Cricut machines are cutting machines and they cannot get the prints as well. You cannot sublimate with the Cricut. These circuits don’t have printing abilities. The sublimation process requires sublimation ink and sublimation paper. During the sublimation process, the image is printed and put on the sublimation paper.

What Is Sublimation Printing Cricut

After that select an area on which sublimation has to be done. Heat is applied and ink enters the fabric and the design is printed on the fabric forever. Sometimes, the colour is faded due to shortcomings in the procedure. After that sublimation paper is removed and printing is completed.

Which Products You Can Make With Sublimation

Sublimation has become very popular suddenly and the reason behind this is the best printing service that it gives to the people. You can make many products with sublimation. Some of them are

  • T-shirts, tops and hoodies; are most widely sublimated. The procedure is so simple in them but some of the limitations are in it. They belong to the garments variety and their colours never get faded.
  • Kitchen accessories: mugs, stains and water bottles. Also, there are coasters, aprons and cutting boards.
  • Electronic accessories: mobile cases, laptop cases, tote bags and shoulder bags.
  • Artificial materials such as jewellery, magnets and key chains. Beautiful prints are obtained on the baby clothes and bibs.
  • Home decor such as pillows, blankets and towels.
  • And much more.

How To Do Sublimation With Cricut?

Cricut images are very useful for sublimation designs. These are now widely used in t-shirts and other fabrics. There are the following apparatus needed using the HTV.

  • Heat press or the circuit mug press; there are different types of heat press. For most uses, a plate-type circuit press is used.
  • Sublimation ink; is a special type of ink or toner that is used in the process of printing to colour the objects so they are stuck properly. This is the most important in the sublimation and Cricut process.
  • Sublimation paper is used in the printing process. It is cut as this is required. After the printing, the paper is removed carefully.
  • Cricut or other cutters, that cut them into pieces of the desired size.
  • Sublimation printer.
Sublimation Printing Cricut Working Procedure

Cricut Infusible Ink

There is no need for a fancy printer in the circuit infusible ink. Only a circuit machine and Infusible ink material are only needed. The process is the same as the sublimation process and the designs that are obtained are more obvious and permanent.

No cracking or peeling in this process. Easy-to-use methodology and the correct type of polyester material are used. But there are some drawbacks, the materials are expensive and only light colours are preferred.

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Heat transfer vinyl is also called iron-on vinyl. But this is limited, and you can select only limited characters. They are somewhat inexpensive and easily found at the craft store. You can easily use them in dark colours.

The garments are usually made of polyester. But these are not long-lasting and peel off easily. You can transfer only one image with lower size. Every material has some pros and cons. So, don’t worry much.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing has been used since 1950. The printing is available at affordable prices. This is becoming very popular in the printing industry. Epson printers are most common in sublimation printing. The process is so simple and uses the heat-press, machine and printers. This should not be mixed with the HTV and infusible ink. You can print easily and the colour is long-lasting.

Another great feature is that you can print any design and colour. The transfer process is easy and a heating system is used. You can use press heat and this is the best professional method to use. No weeding or layered is required in this process. Also, you can check the best list of sublimation printers for cricut as well.

This also has some limitations, substrates are permanent. Colour management can be confusing for some people. Inexperienced people may disturb the process and results are not accurate. Sublimation for beginners Cricut may be tough. So, you should hire experienced people.

Sublimation Ink Vs Circut Infusible Ink

There is a big difference between the sublimation and circuit infusible ink. The main difference between the sublimation and Cricut infusible ink is in the transfer sheets. The transfer sheets of infusible ink have already dyes. While in the sublimation ink, the transfer is so easy and you can print your designs.

This means that there is no limit on colour in the sublimation process. The transfer sheets are a major difference in the sublimation ink and Cricut infusible ink. And hopefully, you have gotten the answer to this question what is the difference between Cricut and sublimation? So, the sublimation process is more beneficial for printing.


What are the sublimation blanks?

These are blank objects that are made with polyester material. These are coated and these substances absorb the ink

Can I use infusible ink only?

Yes, you can use the infusible inks but these are pre-coated.

Final Summary

However, I hope that the article would help to understand the Cricut sublimation paper and you will get a clear idea about the sublimation process and Cricut tools. If any questions related to this topic remain in your mind, ping me in the comment box. Thanks for visiting this website and visiting it for more such topics.

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