What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation [ TOP 5]

If you are exploring which printer is best for sublimation then here is a detailed article on What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation. Although many kinds of sublimation printers are present and each of them is specific for a function. You can use them for trading and high-quality printings.

While the general printers can not be used for specific functions. Only rare printers can be used that show compatibility with sublimation printing. Epson or Sawgrass sublimation printers are the two rare printers. By using them, you can afford multiple printings in a short time.

Sublimation printing is a unique term, in which the gaseous form of the substance is obtained. This type of printing will always give you light-colored images. While you can use a sublimation printer for the printing of clothes, pillows, pads, tablets, and many more items.

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The sublimation printers have the best role in business card printing. In addition to this, you can also use a sublimation printer for textiles and signage purposes. While a majority of people are unaware of sublimation printing. So let’s use Epson or HP printers and get the best sublimation results.

What Is Sublimated Printing?

In business, the demand for stationery items is very high. And printing of documents is a common term. This can be done by printing on a sheet of paper. But sometimes printing on paper doesn’t prove effective as it has low storage. So it can be handled with sublimation printing. In sublimation printing, the images are printed. And these images are used as banners and wallpapers.

What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation

Sublimation printing is an awesome technique in which ink is transferred with the help of a heat press. Here, the inked ribbon is heated too much, so it is converted into gas. After it, this gas is sprayed on the paper and fabrics. And the negative photographic transfers the halftone image. An inking unit is used that supplies the ink on the surface. At last, a fuser is used for creating the printing on images.

What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation

Well, here I will discuss a short overview of the most trending printers that you find for the sublimation process. But, if you want the complete how to know about the best subli printers in 2022, then follow the link.

Epson SureColor F170

By using this sublimation printer, you can easily print on fabrics and papers. There is a box in which the special ink is already present. So just fill the ink tank and start the printing of the design on the paper.

Choose a surface and give a heat source to it. So that the printed transfers appear with good results. After it, you will get the four inks ( C, M, K, Y) which are rare in the sublimation. Epson SureColor F170 depends on the EcoTank line weighing 17.8kg. There is no display but you can use it for Mac and PC devices.

HP Stitch S500

HP Stitch S500 contains a dye sub ink that shows awesome printing on the paper as well as on the fabrics. Its printing speed is very high (110 meters square per hour). If you want to progress your business then this sublimation printer is only made for you.

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There is an automatic printing button, by which the printing starts and ends automatically. If you turn on this button at night, then the printing will start at night without any issue. For ink cartridges, a large space is present. While the recycling of thermal printheads occurs easily. It is an expensive sublimation printer and its weight is 13kg.

Epson SureColor F570 Pro

If you want to print on fabrics and hard surfaces then this sublimation printer is a good option for you. By using this printer, you can deal with all types of transfer paper easily. Here, two 140ml bottles of ink are transferred by the cutter.

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The size of this printer is only 29kg and there is no option for white ink. However, it always provides a suitable intuitive design. Epson SureColor F570 Pro has an amazing interface of colors. That makes printing easy and fast. It is supported by strong software which makes its result unbelievable.

Sawgrass SG500

Sawgrass SG500 is best in sublimation because of its latest model. By using this desktop printer, you can start printing up to 22 x 36 cm on transfer paper. It always utilizes its UHD inks which makes its result effective. The maximum printing resolution of this sublimation printer is 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. Its weight is about 12.3kg and the ink refills are very expensive.

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So buying this printer is not very easy. But using it is quite simple and easy. The ink and the software present in the printer are of high quality. When you use it, you will learn What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation.

Mimaki TS100-1600

Mimaki TS100-1600 is one of the best inkjet printers having a resolution of 900 dpi. The ink capacity of this printer is 1 liter x4. You will not believe that its printing size is up to 1.6m roll width. The weight of this sublimation printer is 166kg.

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Therefore, using it is very hard and annoying. Although it does not have the option of a touch screen interface, it can be easily controlled by a computer. The printing speed is very high that a newcomer will be amazed by it. If you want to achieve success in the textile industry then try Mimaki TS100-1600.

What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation

Final Thoughts

I hope that you have found the answer to What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation. In the sublimation process, the role of printers is very important. You should also participate in the sublimation.

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But before doing this, make sure that your printer is correct. So that it can deal with the sublimation amazingly. Here some of the best printers are mentioned above. Just take an overview of them and enjoy printing designs every time.


Do I need a special printer for sublimation?

Yes, for sublimation special printers are always necessary. But you can use only the printers which show Micro Piezo printing. And in this situation, Epson or Ricoh inkjet printers are the best options.

Can I use an inkjet printer for sublimation?

Yes, you can use the inkjet printers for sublimation. But for this, you have to place the paper on the clothing.

What Kind Of Printer Do do You Need For Sublimation?

The printers that a man needed for the sublimation are Epson, Sawgrass, and Roland. While the others are mentioned above in detail.

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