What Printer Is Compatible With Chromebook (Complete Guide)

I always buy printing items from the market but my eyes have never seen Chromebook’s compatible printers. Almost all printers are favorable for computers due to their manufacturer. Chrome OS depends on Cloud Printing which has been removed some time ago. By this, the Chromebook prints in a new way for better printing.

During using the Chromebook with your printer pay heed to the printer’s features and learn the printer works. But if you feel irritated, continue your study on what printer is compatible with Chromebook right here:

Printer Is Compatible With Chromebook

7 Best Printers For Chromebook

Canon MB5120

The #1 printer for Chromebook is the Canon MB5120 which is responsible for crisp document printing. It offers impressive features because of its compact design. Its weight is average which makes its prints favorable for office spaces. Here, a four-color ink-based system is present that maximizes the resolution to 1,200×600 dots per inch.

Every time you will get bright photos because of the smooth printing system. Thus the printing rate is speedy which gives 15.5 colored and 24 black images only in one minute. While its LED screen is 3.5inch long.

HP Envy 4520

HP Envy 4520 has matchless printing and scanning options. In one minute, it registers the 6.8ppm color and 9.5ppm black pages. It always offers crips prints that look like the result of a laser printer. All the essential documents are confined through its plastic lips. HP Envy 4520 does not contain a slim and compact design.

While it measures the length of 14.45 x 17.52 x 5.04 inches. This printer is suitable for low-storage shelves. In addition, the input tray prints the A4 and A5 sizes through its sliders. Here, you can also do double-sided printing to experience what printer is compatible with Chromebook.

HP Envy 6055e

If you use HP Envy 6055e, the Chromebook will guarantee awesome document printing. Like Canon MB5120, here your printing projects will be complete in no time. This printer ensures a color accuracy feature by which we will be able to see the black letters from a long distance.

HP smart app is supported by the HP Envy 6055e which continues the printing at all times. Sometimes, a connection issue can happen but the automatic wifi technology will fix it. It also has a compact design which indicates that its adjustment is not hard. While it lacks the LED screen.

HP Deskjet 3755

For small printing spaces, HP Deskjet 3755 is a perfect suggestion. The desk’s head is fitted by it smoothly. I like this printer because of its small weight, so we can take it wherever we need it. If you become fail in the printing of work-related documents, this printer is just for you.

Here the printing of 5.5ppm colored pages and 8ppm black pages is achieved in 60 seconds. This printer has various applications in the business, so don’t miss such a vibrance printer. HP Deskjet 3755 also has eight buttons that empower the input tray for paper format handling.

Epson Expression Home XP 4000

Do you need a suitable printer for your home as well as the office? try the Epson Expression Home XP 4000 right now. The photo previewing is very stunning due to the 2.5-inch LCD screen. For tactile clicks, you will have to use the OK, Directional, and Power buttons.

Here, a compact form factor is available which avoids high storage. Its transferring is easy due to the 10 pounds weight. It includes a Wifi Direct technology which makes a fast connection between the Chromebook and the printer. While photo paper glossy is also supported by this Epson printer.

Canon PIXMA TR4520

For non-fade prints, Canon PIXMA TR4520 locks many stunning features. Let us navigate the printing just with the use of responsive buttons. But the main reason for navigation is only the menu tab. For black documents, Canon PIXMA TR4520 has a printing speed of 8.8ppm. While the colored documents are printed with a speed of 4.4ppm.

So I assure you that your occasional printing need will be complete without disturbances. This printer has colorful graphics with a resolution of 4,800×1,200. While the paper varieties are only captured by the sheet tray.

Canon TS6420

If you are not controlling the printing projects, Canon TS6420 is the one that you should try. Get 13 monochrome and 6.8 colored pages within a minute. So this is the speed that an official Chromebook user wants. The black and Tri-color cartridges present here result in image vibrancy.

While the document gets the sharp blacks due to the PG-260 Black Ink cartridge. Moreover, Canon TS6420 has a friendly relationship with Google Assistant. This printer supports voice printing so you should give printing orders with your mouth. While the length of its LED screen is 1.44-inch.


Does Chromebook support all printers?

If all printers are compatible with the wifi network, the Chromebook will support them.

Are Chromebook compatible with the Canon printer?

Yes, Chromebook is favorable with the Canon printer as they support Chrome OS.

Will the Epson printer work with Chromebook?

Yes, Epson printers show printing when they are used with the Chromebook.

How do I set up a printer on a Chromebook?

If you want to set up your printer with the Chromebook, join the Settings portion, Advanced, Printers, and Add Printers options respectively.

Final Verdicts

Surely, what printer is compatible with Chromebook guide will entertain you very much. Some years ago, cloud printing was the main portion of Google Chrome. But Chrome has changed the procedure so that the Chromebook will work newly. Almost every type of printer is found in the Chromebook.

While some of them have tricky techniques and features. So just use the suitable printers for Chromebook as Canon MB5120, HP Deskjet3755, Epson Expression Home XP 4000, HP Envy 4520, and Canon TS 6420. While my mind says that Canon MB5120 is the best of all

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