Why Is My Hp Printer Power Button Blinking (Issues With Solutions)

Why is my hp printer power button blinking is a widely asked question of hp printer users? The blinking lights highlight the misbehavior of the ink cartridges in the printer. While they also guide about the other printer issues just by their specific signals. Thus today our all focus will be on the blinking issues of the hp printer, their reasons, and some specific solutions.

Methods For Fixing The HP Power Button Blinking

Everyone can overcome the power button blinking of a hp printer just in two steps. The first step is to observe the nature of the blinking light and the second is to understand its signal.

During the power button process, don’t touch other buttons of the hp printer. If your identification says that the blinking issue is due to the right button, you should get professional help.

Identification Of Correct Button

For controlling the power blinking, it is necessary to know the correct position of the power button. Mostly, the power button is present in the control panel section. While you should also observe further buttons of the hp printer.

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Note that an HP Deskjet Printer comprises the eight buttons as resume, cancel, information, wireless, ink alert light, start copy color, and black buttons. So after the identification of the blinking pattern, use the correct methods.

Hp Printer Power Button Blinking

Possible Issues

The power light of some users blinks continuously which is the symbol of too many errors. Such problems also appear due to the paper jam. In this trouble, people should adopt professional maintenance procedures which are perfect for issues minimizing.

But the users have to link their data for the printing service and then a few error codes will come towards them. While they can also verify the other issues of the printer only by understanding the error messages.

Reasons And Solutions For Power Button Blinking

After the identification of the power button blinking, you must use the appropriate solution as some of them are as follows:

Errors In Printing Paper

In some cases, our hp printer doesn’t identify the printing paper correctly which results in the power button blinking. Then we should change the printing settings of the printer. While for paper jams, this trick can also be applicable.


If there is no compatibility between the print paper and print mode settings, make changes in both. For print mode settings changes, you have to open the dialog box present in the print settings.

After it, explore a guider button to know the printing paper size. A drop-down menu button also helps in the correct paper insertion. So the printer’s settings have been modified which will permit you for new paper printing.

Errors In Connection

Sometimes, our printer does not connect with the wireless system in the presence of stable internet. By which the blinking start and the details of successful connection do not come towards us.


If you want to get rid of wireless connection issues, make sure to reset the factory settings of the printer. But this reset is unique and you have to do hard work. Through this resetting, you can also maintain the working of the internet router. Thus this evaluation is ensuring suitable results for you.

Opening Of Cover

Most of us receive the “Cover Is Open” message due to the cover opening of the printer. That’s why our printer also resists printing.


The solution to the cover opening is the closing of the cover and then the printer will complete its printing jobs.

Printing In Back-Up Mode

The installation of one ink cartridge indicates the “Printing In Back-Up Mode” message to the users. If you don’t have found its solution, it will make serious obstacles over time.


This problem comprises two solutions and one of them is the insertion of missing cartridges. If the cartridge is still unknown, take the second cartridge and start removing the tape from it. But this work should be done before the cartridge installation.

Incompatible Print Cartridges

Incompatible print cartridges are also against the printer’s working. If such cartridges are in your printer, you will get the error message as well as the power button blinking.


In this problem, you will have to identify the effects of the cartridges which is a hard task. Thus enter into the cartridge portion and observe the cartridges one by one. Make sure to close the cover after the removal of a cartridge.

However, if the issue is still present then remove the further cartridges. Note that the problem will be low only with the removal of the correct cartridges. If you have removed all cartridges and the printer is not working yet then change the set of ink cartridges.


Why is the yellow light flashing on my HP printer?

If your HP printer is highlighting the yellow light, the cartridge is empty.

How do reset the blinking light on HP?

For resetting the blinking light on HP, make sure to disconnect the power cord. Now, wait here for 30 seconds. Then turn on the product by pressing the power button. After some time, the blinking will automatically stop.

Why is my computer light blinking orange and white?

Sometimes, our computer highlights the orange and white blinking due to incomplete charging.

Why is my hp printer power button blinking?

The flashing of the power button on an HP printer is due to the opening of the ink cartridge and the emptiness of the input tray.

The Last Conclusion

Here, I have highlighted a few basic points about why is my hp printer power button blinking. The blinking means that any part of the printer is not working right. Sometimes, it appears due to the misbehavior of the printing paper.

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Then we should overview the printing paper quality. Besides it, the incompatibility of the internet connection also results in it. We also have to face the blinking, if the printer cover is open. While the closing of the printing cover can stop it. Note that sometimes the hp printer gives the yellow blinking because of no cartridges.

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