Why Is My Printer Printing Lines? How To Fix It

Have you ever wondered why is my printer printing lines? Do you want to fix this issue? Then stay here and catch the essential data within 10 minutes. Of this issue, the printed pages contain missing lines and look very ugly. The main reason for these printing lines is the blocking of the printhead. Such bad results are also obtained by the blocking of ink nozzles. The inkjet printer gets these printing lines due to the dirt of the printhead. While the cartridge shows smudges and becomes blocked because of ink drying:

Common Solutions Of Printing Lines:

  • If you want that your printer will not show the printing lines, adapt the given steps:
  • Take out the print cartridge.
  • Observe whether the imaging drum contains lines or not. If no line is there, everything is going perfectly. But if lines are present, the imaging drum is full of bugs.
  • Take a new print cartridge in place of the defective one.
  • Make sure to put the cartridge on the back of the machine.
  • If you feel that the problem is no more, go for the test document printing.

How To Fix Printing Lines Of Laser Printer On the Printout:

  • The incorrect removal of seals causes the skipping of lines as well as damage to the fuser unit. Let us pick the below steps and move away from the printing lines issues:
  • Visit the printer’s menu portion for fuser cleaning.
  • Then pick it from its perfect location “The maintenance section”.
  • Start the cleaning phenomenon.
  • Analyze the dirt from the drum cylinder portion.
  • Get rid of toners by removing them.
  • Use an air duster to clean the drum.
  • Again start the process by reinstallation the toner.
  • If the printing lines issue has not been resolved now, go for the fuser replacement.

How To Fix Printing Lines Of An HP Printer:

In general, an HP printer prefers white ink for image printing. But sometimes, it results in printing lines that a user doesn’t demand. This is because of debris and drying of its ink nozzles:

HP Printer Toolbox For Cartridge’s Ink Cleaning

  • Tap on the Start, Settings, and Printers buttons respectively.
  • Prefer the Printer icon from the right side.
  • Use Properties, Service tab, and Open the HP Photosmart Toolbox options.
  • Pick the Device Services tab but the Windows XP lacks this option.
  • Make sure to touch on the “Clean the Print Cartridges”.
  • Obey the screen prompts.

Manual Cleaning Of Ink Cartridges

  • Power on the printer and take out its cover.
  • If the printer’s center is collecting ink cartridges, disable the power cord tab.
  • Put the cartridges on the paper after their removal.
  • Insert the rubber swab into the water.
  • Ensure the location of the copper-colored strip.
  • Use that clean cloth to remove the dirt as well as the moisture from the copper-colored strip.

How To Fix Printing Lines Of An Inkjet Printer:

To fix the printing lines of an inkjet printer, you will have to install a new cartridge as well as remove protective seals and then you will be able for the given points:

Clean The Print Head Cartridge

  • Take the LCD panel of the printer.
  • Choose the “Clean Print Head” option from the Settings.
  • Make use of the Cartridge Alignment option against the alignment issues.
  • If your printer lacks a screen, select the Devices & Printers from the control panel of the PC’s screen.
  • Get the “Printing Properties” and “Clean” options through the Services tab.
  • To overcome the printing lines issues, use these steps more than 3 times. But if no improvement is there, move towards the next methods.

Clean The Nozzles

  • Start the test page printing to learn about the blocked color.
  • Get rid of the blocked cartridge by opening the printer door.
  • Pick the damp towel to clean the ink blobs of the cartridge.
  • The damp paper towel must contain the cartridge and nozzles on its head for ink flow.
  • Delete the ink cartridge and again install it for why is my printer printing lines.

Clean The Ink Cartridge Carriage

The ink cartridge has a holder to store the print heads. While the dirt particles can also enter this holder:

  • Disconnect the both cartridge and cartridge holder.
  • Clean the ink from the cartridge holder by just using the cotton swab.
  • Continue the process but before it ensures the re-installation of the ink.
  • If the issue is present till now, go for the replacement of ink cartridges as their ink has been dried.

Final Verdicts

Has anybody informed you why is my printer printing lines? Don’t worry! As I am explaining all about it. The printer shows printing lines due to the rude behavior of the toner as well as its weaknesses. While in result, we get unwanted lines on the printhead pages. If your ink toner is blocked, be ready to face printing line errors. But if we take the printer software with us, such printing lines will be cleared speedily. Moreover, the replacement of cartridges also fixes this issue. Then adapt the cleaning programs and stop the immaturity of the printing lines now.


Q: Why am I getting lines when printing?

If the lines appear during the printing, the printhead is blocked and useless.

Q: What is a printhead error?

If a printhead is not identifying the cartridge correctly, it is in error.

Q: How do I remove printer lines?

You can remove the printer lines through the printer software.

Q: How do I stop printing lines?

To stop the printing lines, you will have to use the clean program and then leave the cartridge.

Q: How do you fix a printer that is skipping lines?

If your printer is skipping lines, remove and replace its cartridge quickly.

Q: Why is my printer leaving blank lines?

If you are getting blank lines, the ink level of the printer is very low.

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