Why Is My Printer Printing Slow (4 Issues With Solution)

Printers raise the production of the workforce because of their high speed. But sometimes they highlight the problems and a user says why is my printer printing slow. Note that the working of a printer in “Normal mode” and “Draft mode” is very high which gives quick results. But if you select the “Best mode” of printing or increase the dpi, your printer will work very slowly. For your information, this guide is providing basic points for why a printer works slow and how can you increase its speed to normal:

Reasons Of Why Is My Printer Printing Slow:

Wrong Printer

The first reason which affects the working of your printer is the selection of the wrong printer.
Note that the inkjet printer doesn’t work fastly and orders you to wait for some time. It means its document printing will not be complete in seconds like the other printers.

While a laser printer offers huge printing projects in no time. But if someone uses an old laser printer, it becomes the opposite of my talk. In this situation, one should purchase a new printer for quick printing.

Wrong Mode

If someone is preferring cheap ink for the printing of old documents, using “Superb Quality Mode” is wasteless. The “Normal and Standard Mode” gives document printing fastly. But if you have selected a different mode, your printer will not work quickly and accurately.

Moreover, the speed of a printer depends on the “Paper Selection Settings”. So using the wrong paper selection settings can damage your printer’s normal speed.

Incorrect Driver

The printing of PostScripts depends on the quality of a driver. With the use of an incorrect driver, the printing will be slow that will waste your time. The working of a driver comes in contact just with installing.

But sometimes, this installation does not suit the printer’s software resulting in low printing. This issue is resolved only by managing the network of a printer. Thus open your printer and remove an incorrect driver from it.

Worst Connection

If your printer has some distance from its network, it will not work speedily. A common example of this problem is a weak connection between wireless printing and the old-fashioned hub. Thus if you want to maximize your printer’s speed, place it with the router or switch.

Note that a wireless hub is used as a managing tool without the addition of other switches. But the direct-wired connection rises the speed of the printer at its normal rate.

Reasons Of Why Is My Printer Printing Slow

Methods To Rectify The Printer’s Low Speed:

Reset The Printer

If your printer is being used for a long duration, it will lose its normal speed. While it will also cause the overheating of the documents and other pages. In this trouble, you must reset your printer as:

  • First of all, turn on the printer and remove its connection from the power cable.
  • Now perform the same phenomena with the wall outlet.
  • Make sure to wait for a while.
  • At last, raise your hand for connecting the power cable with the printer and wall outlet.

Overview The Printer’s Preferences

Each document has unique quality settings where the printer’s speed depends. I have already mentioned that “Best Quality” decreases the speed of a printer. But the “Normal and Draft” mode ensures the fastest printing for you.

  • First, press the “Windows Logo Key” and “S” buttons on the keyboard.
  • Enter into the search bar and type printer to open the “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Tap on the Manage option of the printer.
  • Now use the Printing Preference option.
  • Start the navigation of the Paper and Quality Tab.
  • Join the Paper Type Field for the selection of Plain Paper.
  • Finally, click the “OK” button for the Draft, Normal, and Standard. Hopefully, this method of why is my printer printing slow is not difficult.

Update Printer’s Driver

The printer driver makes strong communication between the computer and the printer.
If someone prefers the outdated printer driver, he will see the slow printing forever. You can improve your printer’s speed just with the latest printer driver. Note that the printer driver is updated in both “Manual” and “Automatic” ways:

  • Make sure the downloading and installation of Driver.
  • Click on the “Scan” button on the driver to detect the computer’s problem.
  • Download a suitable Driver just with the update button and install it manually.

Quiet Mode

Some printer produces printing noise which is very damaging to the ears. So if you want to make your printer free of noise, enable only the quiet mode. But this mode minimizes your printer’s speed. Thus none wants to decrease his printer’s speed, so just disable this mode:
The method for the HP printer is given as:

  • Enter into the HP Smart through the computer.
  • Join the “Advanced Settings” of the printer.
  • Choose the Quiet Mode just with the Settings navigation.
  • Click on the “Off” button.
  • Tap on the apply button and the Quiet Mode will be disabled in no time.


What causes printhead failure?

The main cause of printhead failure is the clogging of ink nozzles.

Why does my printer take so long to print between pages?

If your printer is taking time for the page’s printing, it means the drivers are not right and there is a burden on the print server.

How do I update my printer’s driver?

Apply your hand on the right- start button and settings. Then tap on the Windows Update option quickly.

Final Thoughts

Thus why is my printer printing slow is an important question as lots of people want to know it. If your printer is showing slow speed, feel free for this typical problem. There are lots of reasons like damaging cables, short RAM, Expiry drivers, bad connection, wrong mode and printer, etc which slow your printer’s speed.

So your printer can retain its original speed just by taking a view on these issues. While the given methods like printer resetting, disabling the Quiet mode and updating the printer’s driver rearrange your printer in no time. Must Read it;- Wireless Printers Not Working

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