Why Is My Sublimation Ink Dull? Common Fading Reasons

Most sublimation suppliers face dull prints, and then they complain why is my sublimation ink dull. Sublimation ink becomes dull if no heat is applied to it. For sublimation, you must perpetually connect with its system. Note that the sublimation printing not only comprises the printing but also indicates other processes. If you completely enter the sublimation, you can freely overcome all issues. Thus today, I want to describe the most common sublimation problems and their solutions so that the sublimation supplier will be an expert on his first try:

Common Sublimation Printing Issues

Wrong Equipment

During sublimation, most people use the wrong equipment, which results in the wrong. So avoid the use of the wrong equipment and get perfect results. The accessories for sublimation printing are a sublimation printer, sublimation paper, and sublimation ink. People purchase sublimation paper, but they make mistakes using inkjet printers. They don’t get the desired printings on shirts and coffee cups. But if you use sublimation ink with the sublimation printer, then the sublimation designs will be transferred.

Wrong Blank

Despite the faulty equipment, most of us use the wrong blank, which damages our designs. Sublimation designs are printed through the sublimation printer and sublimation ink. At the same time, the correct sublimation blank is also a main item for the sublimation. The chemical reactions of sublimation end with the ease of the polyester like t-shirts etc. Note that the sublimation process is incomplete without the sublimation blank. So purchase the sublimation blank from the market, but the sublimation coating must be with it. Don’t purchase the sublimation blank from the dollar store.

Printer Settings

If your printer settings are not correct, then the sublimation ink will be dull. So check the printer settings now. If the settings are correct, then start the sublimation. Otherwise, contact your sublimation manufacturer to get the correct settings of the printer. For best quality printings, disable the fast printing techniques and replace the paper type with the matte paper settings. In addition, do the color correction through the ICC profile. If the design has been created, mirror it so that other problems will die before happening.

Vibrant Prints

Achieving vibrant prints is another problem that has irritated millions of people. Before printing, install the ink so there will be no chances of bad results. But if your prints are vibrant with the ink installation, there is misbehavior between the ink and the printer. Check this issue by printing the 4 copies or more. However, if this issue is still present, you have adopted the wrong time, temperature, and pressure. Go to the printer’s shop and ask for the above suitable accessories. Also, get help from Google Chrome.


Ghosting is a serious issue, and most of my followers have complained about it. In this case, double prints are obtained rather than a single print. That’s why the process is named ghosting. It appears due to the random motion of sublimation prints. Note that the big hurdle in the sublimation process is the movement. So, obtaining the correct sublimation result is impossible if anything is in movement. Then hold the print and wrap the heat-resistant tape in its necessary places.

Additional Ink

Additional ink is a big issue as it causes ink dullness. Sometimes, our printer forms smudges on the shirts, known as extra ink. While in a few cases, the streaks are already present on the shirt. Then use a heat press tape on that streak and start pressing it. By this, the extra ink spots will not be more on the shirt. But the streak will not leave your life if you don’t cover the ink spot through the heat-resistant tape. At the same time, the false saying is that the small streak doesn’t appear on the shirt.

Blurry Ink

There are lots of reasons which highlight our prints are blurry. First of all, observe the image quality. I recommend downloading the images from the internet because it is a huge platform. If the picture matches your print size, don’t be late in its selection. So image quality is the first thing we must take care of. While the preference for high time and temperature also results in blurry prints. Don’t add a ton to the image prints, as my friend has also tried this useless technique. Only your time and temperature must be favorable for the sublimation print.


Q: What temperature do I press sublimation?

The temperature that you must use for sublimation is 375F.

Q: Why is my printer printing dull?

If the dried ink particles are in your printer, it will print dull.

Q: How do you darken faded ink?

I am sorry, as we can’t darken the faded ink.

Q: How do I fix faded printing?

You can fix the faded printing by adjusting printer settings and printer density.

Q: Why is my sublimation ink dull?

Sublimation prints become dull due to the high time, temperature, and pressure.


Are you saying why is my sublimation ink dull? Then I have mentioned its basic reasons here. Your sublimation ink will not be dull with the correct time, temperature and pressure. But if there is a disturbance among these things, then the dullness of sublimation ink will be your reward. To avoid faded printing, adjust the printer settings and their density. The sublimation process always guarantees perfect achievements with the use of correct equipment, correct blank, correct printer settings, etc. Thus save your prints from ghosting only with the heat-resistant tape.

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